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Montreal Prom Limousine: Affordability!

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There are few occasions more exciting in a young adult’s life than prom night. It’s a night you plan for, dream about and obsess over for months. Celebrate it in a prom limo with us!

Now that you’re all glammed up, nothing could be more appropriate than arriving in a luxurious limousine. But, how do you afford it, what style of car do you choose, and perhaps most importantly, what do you do after the prom ?

Instead of waiting until you get to the prom to see your friends and start having fun, it can start from the minute you’re all in the back of the limousine. So, round up a group, find out the cost and split it. The more the merrier – and the cheaper!

When you choose us for your prom rentals you will arrive looking like the prom kings and queens!

When Prom time rolls around you can guarantee that you will have a lot to do! We help you check of your to do list with ease because we have you covered with transportation. Let us help you go to prom in style and help you have a night to always remember!

Prom has been though about since freshmen year and that time has finally arrived. You or your child has hit their books hard throughout the year and they deserve to go to prom in style. Going to prom in style is always affordable with us. We have many limos and classic cars to choose from on any budget.  We can start by taking our guest to dinner at any location you chose then they will be whisked away to have the nigh of their life. You can rent a limo for two or for any size group. The options are endless when you choose us.

  • Deluxe limos. We have the widest variety of limos to choose from. Anyone can find a limo that fits their personality and style. We have the largest stock available and we work with any budget. So yes…you too can get a limo for prom!  Not to mention that if you desire to decorate your limo you can. The options are endless when you chose us! What are you waiting for…schedule your rental today!
  • Royal Treatment. Everyone who uses us receives the royal treatment! We want your night to be one to remember and it will when you schedule your rental with us. Why not show up to prom like you have already won prom king and queen? Schedule your rental today!
  • The Best Ride. Our drivers and limos know how to give the best rides for as long or short as desired! Every young adult wants to hang their head out of the sunroof and enjoy their trip as much and as long as possible. You can pick or we can create a limo package to fit your needs and desires.

At Luxury Limousine Montreal, we are a dependable limo service company that will always be on time and cater to your needs and desires. We will help everyone have a fun and safe night when going to and from prom.

We will always treat you like royalty and have you rolling into prom looking like the prom kings and queens you are!

From start to finish we will help you plan your prom night and accommodate any of your desires. We are affordable on any budget and will cater a package just for you. When you ride with us you will always come back when you need a rental limousine. We pride ourselves on being on time and giving you a night you will always remember. You can call us today or fill out the form to the right of the page to make your appointment today.

Following is advice for your graduation limo

Work a summer job. You know when prom is. After all, the date has probably been the date you’ ve been waiting since you started High school. So, the summer before, get a job and save your money just for the big night. That way, you can have exactly what you want – the perfect dress, shoes, handbag, tuxedo, corsage – and a stylish ride.

You want a Cadillac Escalade, but your friend is dying for a Lincoln Navigator. How do you decide? If there’s a group, the democratic way is to take a vote. Or, you can decide by who’s paying the most towards the cost.

No matter which you choose, if you’re renting a limo for prom night, you’re going to arrive in style!

Why select our Limousines For Your Occasion?

Many times, the style of the car you rent will be decided by what’s available based on your group size, price and how early you reserve.

Get a group together: One of the best ways to afford a limousine for the prom is to split the cost. And, not for nothing, this is most fun way too.